Captaincy (noun)

  1. The position or rank of a captain, especially in a military or naval context.
  2. The quality of being a captain, especially with regard to leadership and responsibility.


The word 'captaincy' is derived from the middle english word capteyn, which means 'head of a company of soldiers'.


  1. He was proud of his captaincy in the Navy, a position he had earned through hard work and dedication to his country.
  2. Her captaincy of the soccer team was marked by her excellent leadership skills, her ability to motivate her team and her tactical knowledge.
  3. The captaincy of the ship was passed from one experienced mariner to another, ensuring a smooth voyage for all.
  4. The captaincy of the school debate team was a position of great responsibility, requiring a strong command of the subject matter and the ability to lead others.
  5. Under his captaincy, the company's profits increased dramatically, and he was soon promoted to the position of CEO.
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