Carburetor (noun)

  1. A device that mixes air and gasoline or other fuel in the correct proportions to produce a combustible mixture for an internal combustion engine.
  2. A component in an internal combustion engine that regulates the flow of air and fuel into the engine's cylinders.


Early 20th century, from french word 'carbure' + -tor. it refers to a device that mixes fuel and air to create a combustible mixture in an internal combustion engine.


  1. The carburetor was a crucial component in older cars, responsible for maintaining the proper fuel-to-air ratio.
  2. The mechanic adjusted the carburetor to improve the car's fuel efficiency.
  3. The carburetor was often a source of trouble in older vehicles, requiring frequent adjustment and cleaning.
  4. The carburetor had a simple design, but was challenging to maintain and keep running smoothly.
  5. The carburetor was replaced with fuel injection systems in modern cars, resulting in improved performance and efficiency.
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