Catalpa (noun)

A type of flowering tree native to the eastern United States, known for its large leaves, showy flowers, and long, cigar-shaped seed pods.


Derived from the creek indian word "kutalpa", meaning "winged head".


  1. The catalpa tree is a popular ornamental tree for parks and gardens, due to its striking appearance and fast growth rate.
  2. Catalpas are deciduous trees, losing their leaves in the winter and producing large, trumpet-shaped flowers in the spring.
  3. The long, cigar-shaped seed pods of the catalpa tree are a distinguishing feature, often used in dried flower arrangements.
  4. Catalpa trees provide food and shelter for many species of birds, including the catalpa sphinx moth, which feeds on its leaves.
  5. In some areas, the wood of the catalpa tree is prized for its strength and durability, used for making furniture, fences, and even musical instruments.
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