Catch (verb)

  1. To take hold of something that is moving or thrown.
  2. To stop and hold (something that has been thrown, dropped, or falling).
  3. To take or receive (something that is being given, offered, or sent).
  4. To come across or experience (something) by chance.
  5. To capture or arrest (someone).


Late middle english (in the sense "take, seize"): from old northern french cacheier "seize, arrest", based on latin captare "to take".


  1. She managed to catch the ball with one hand.
  2. He caught the coin as it fell out of her hand.
  3. She caught the bouquet at the wedding.
  4. She caught the disease while she was traveling abroad.
  5. The police managed to catch the thief who stole the jewels.
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