Cathartic (adjective)

  1. Having a purifying or cleansing effect, especially on the emotions.
  2. Providing emotional release or relief through expression of strong feelings.
  3. Having a therapeutic or therapeutic effect on the emotions or mind.


From the greek kathartikos, meaning 'purifying' or 'cleansing'.


  1. Writing in her journal was a cathartic experience for her, helping her to process her feelings and work through her problems.
  2. The intense therapy session was cathartic for the patient, providing much-needed release from years of repressed emotions.
  3. Watching the movie was cathartic for the audience, as it allowed them to confront their own feelings and come to terms with them.
  4. The performance was cathartic for the singer, allowing her to express her emotions through her music and connect with the audience.
  5. The marathon was cathartic for the runner, allowing her to push herself to her limits and work through her stress and anxiety.
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