Cavalier (noun)

  1. A person who is carefree and nonchalant, often in a manner considered rude or dismissive of others.
  2. A horseman or a knight, especially one who served as a mounted soldier in the 17th century.


From the french word 'cavalier' meaning a horseman or a knight, originally used to describe a supporter of charles i during the english civil war.


  1. The cavalier was a notorious womanizer, who treated women as mere playthings.
  2. The cavalier was a fearless warrior, who rode into battle with his sword held high.
  3. The cavalier was a symbol of the glamorous and carefree lifestyle of the aristocracy.
  4. The cavalier was a source of inspiration for poets and writers, who celebrated his bravery and chivalry.
  5. The cavalier was a dashing and handsome figure, who captured the hearts of many women with his charm and wit.
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