Caviar (noun)

A luxury food made from the eggs of sturgeon, prized for its delicate flavor and texture.


From the russian word 'кавиарь' meaning roe or fish eggs, the term has been used to describe the delicacy made from sturgeon roe since the 16th century.


  1. Caviar was served as a delicacy at the fancy gala, accompanied by champagne and crackers.
  2. Caviar was a staple of Russian cuisine, enjoyed by the wealthy and the powerful for centuries.
  3. Caviar was considered a status symbol, showcasing one's wealth and sophistication.
  4. Caviar was a unique and luxurious experience, with its unique flavor and texture unlike any other food.
  5. Caviar was a rare and expensive delicacy, with only a limited supply harvested from sturgeon each year.
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