Chaise (noun)

  1. A long chair or couch, typically with a reclining back and one or more armrests, that is designed for relaxation or reclining. .
  2. A horse-drawn carriage with a seat for one or two passengers, which is open at the sides and top and has one or more wheels.


The word chaise comes from the french word for "chair", which in turn derives from the latin "cathedra" meaning "seat" and comes from greek "kathedra" meaning "seat, bench". the word was first used in english in the early 17th century. .


  1. She lounged on the chaise by the pool.
  2. She sat on the chaise and read her book.
  3. He napped on the chaise under the tree.
  4. He rode in the chaise with his wife to the park.
  5. She enjoyed the view from the chaise on the balcony.
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