Chalice (noun)

  1. A large cup or goblet, typically made of precious metal, used for holding wine or other liquids in religious ceremonies. .
  2. A ceremonial cup or container used in religious rituals or ceremonies, especially in Christianity and Catholicism.


The word chalice comes from the latin word "calix" meaning "cup, goblet", which in turn comes from the greek word "kalyx" meaning "husk, pod, cup". it was first used in english in the 14th century. .


  1. The priest held the chalice as he consecrated the bread and wine.
  2. He gave her the chalice filled with wine to drink.
  3. The chalice was passed around the congregation for Communion.
  4. The chalice was kept in a special place in the church.
  5. The chalice was made of gold and had precious stones on it.
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