Christology (noun)

The study of the person and teachings of Jesus Christ, and of his nature as the Son of God, in Christian theology.


From the greek words christos, meaning 'christ', and -logia, meaning 'the study of' or 'discourse'.


  1. Christology is a central area of study in Christian theology, addressing questions about the identity, nature, and mission of Jesus Christ.
  2. Some of the main topics in christology include the deity of Christ, his humanity and divinity, his miracles, and his resurrection.
  3. Christology has been the subject of much debate and reflection throughout Christian history, and has been central to the development of many different theological traditions.
  4. Christology also has implications for understanding the relationship between God and humanity, as well as the nature of salvation and the role of the church.
  5. Modern christological debates often focus on questions such as the nature of the atonement, the relationship between Christ and the Holy Spirit, and the role of Christ in the lives of believers.
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