Classicism (noun)

  1. A style in literature, music, art, or architecture characterized by a revival of ancient Greek or Roman forms and motifs.
  2. A taste for or adherence to the principles of ancient Greek and Roman art, literature, and culture.


French classicisme, from latin classicus of the highest class, author, from class-, classis class.


  1. The painting is a perfect example of classism, with its use of symmetry and balance.
  2. The concert featured a mix of classicism and modernism in its musical compositions.
  3. The building is an example of neoclassicism, with its columns and pediments.
  4. The writer's work is steeped in classicism, with its use of epic themes and grandiose language.
  5. The fashion designer's latest collection is heavily influenced by classicism, with its clean lines and simple shapes.
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