Cleanse (verb)

  1. To remove impurities, dirt, or unwanted elements from something.
  2. To purify or free from guilt or blame.
  3. To free or rid of something harmful, unpleasant, or undesirable.


Derived from the old french word 'net', meaning 'clean, clear, bright' and the latin word 'nettus', meaning 'clean, pure'.


  1. She cleansed her face with a gentle, fragrance-free soap.
  2. The town was cleansed of all corruption after the new mayor took office.
  3. He cleansed his soul by confessing his sins to a priest.
  4. The water was cleansed of any harmful chemicals before it was released into the river.
  5. She cleansed her body with a strict diet and exercise regimen.
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