Cobblestone (noun)

  1. A small rounded stone used in paving.
  2. A small, rounded, irregularly shaped stone used for paving roads, sidewalks, or other surfaces.
  3. A small, rounded, irregularly shaped stone that is used for paving roads, sidewalks or other surfaces.


From cobble + stone, from cobble ("to mend shoes"), from old northern french cobeler, from old frankish *kobalōn ("to beat, pound"), from proto-germanic *kubōną ("to beat, pound"), from proto-indo-european *gʷab- ("to strike, beat").


  1. The cobblestone street was bumpy and difficult to walk on.
  2. The cobblestone path was old and worn, but still beautiful.
  3. I love the cobblestone streets in the old town.
  4. Cobblestone is a durable material for paving roads and sidewalks.
  5. The cobblestone square was the center of the historic district.
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