Coffeehouse (noun)

  1. A place where coffee is served and often where people gather to drink coffee, socialize, and sometimes also work or read.
  2. A venue where live entertainment, such as music or poetry reading, is provided.


The word coffeehouse is a combination of "coffee" and "house", denoting a place where coffee is served. the word first appeared in the english language in the early 17th century.


  1. He likes to spend his afternoons at the local coffeehouse reading and writing.
  2. The coffeehouse was filled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
  3. She likes to go to the coffeehouse to catch up with her friends.
  4. The coffeehouse has live music on the weekends.
  5. The coffeehouse has a cozy atmosphere that makes it a perfect spot for a date.
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