Colic (noun)

Severe abdominal pain, especially in horses and infants, caused by spasms of the intestine.


Late middle english; earliest use found in john gower (1330?–1408), poet. from old french colique, from latin colicus of the colon, from greek kōlikos of the colon.


  1. The colic caused the horse to kick and thrash, causing the rider to dismount.
  2. The baby was inconsolable and screamed with colic late into the night.
  3. The colic was a common issue among new parents, but the symptoms often disappeared after several weeks.
  4. The veterinarian prescribed a treatment for the horse's colic and the symptoms improved within a few days.
  5. The colic was a result of the baby's immature digestive system and was a normal part of development.
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