Colophon (noun)

  1. A publisher's emblem, a logo, or imprint usually placed at the end of a book or magazine.
  2. A statement, usually placed at the end of a book, giving information about the publication of the book such as the place of publication, the publisher, and the date of publication.
  3. An inscription or emblem placed at the end of a manuscript to identify the scribe or publisher.


From the greek word 'koloph┼Źn' meaning 'finishing touch, summing up'.


  1. The author's latest novel has a beautiful colophon on its final page.
  2. The museum catalogue's colophon mentions the year of publication and the names of the curators.
  3. The book's colophon stated that it was printed in limited edition by a small press.
  4. The colophon at the end of the manuscript provided valuable information about the time and place it was written.
  5. The ancient text was known for its intricate colophon, which was a symbol of its authenticity.
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