Commercialism (noun)

  1. The policies or practices of putting commercial rather than ethical or aesthetic considerations first.
  2. An emphasis on making money and increasing profits, especially by promoting and selling goods and services.


Mid 19th century: from commercial + -ism.


  1. The movie industry has become increasingly driven by commercialism, with filmmakers churning out formulaic blockbusters for profit.
  2. The company was criticized for its commercialism, as it seemed to value profits over the well-being of its employees.
  3. Commercialism has resulted in the homogenization of popular music, with record labels promoting only the most marketable artists.
  4. The theme park was designed with commercialism in mind, offering a variety of souvenirs and attractions to entice visitors to spend more money.
  5. Critics of the advertising industry argue that commercialism has a negative effect on society, creating a culture focused on consumerism and materialism.
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