Convexity (noun)

  1. The quality or state of being convex.
  2. A rounded protuberance or surface that bulges outwards.
  3. In mathematics, the curved surface of a three-dimensional shape, especially one that bulges outwards.


Late latin convexitas, from latin convexus ("rounded, arched, bent outwards"), from con- + vexus ("bent"), from vēxum, perfect passive participle of vēngō ("i ben.d")


  1. The convexity of the road makes it easier to see other cars on it.
  2. The convexity of the eyeglasses made them appear larger than they were.
  3. In mathematics, the convexity of a shape is an important property for optimizing its use in various applications.
  4. The convexity of the ball made it roll away from the wall when it hit it.
  5. The unique convexity of the moon's surface made it ideal for landing on it.
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