Cormorant (noun)

  1. A large, black seabird with a hooked bill and a distinctive neck that dives for fish and other aquatic animals.
  2. A greedy person who eats or consumes excessively.


Derived from the old french word 'cormoran' which was borrowed from the latin word 'corvus marinus' meaning sea crow.


  1. Cormorants are excellent divers and can hold their breath for several minutes while hunting for fish.
  2. The cormorant perched on a rock, drying its wings in the sun.
  3. The cormorant is a skilled hunter, diving deep into the water to catch its prey.
  4. The cormorant is often seen near the shore, where it can easily find food.
  5. The greedy businessman was often referred to as a cormorant for his insatiable appetite for money and power.
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