Cornflakes (noun)

A type of breakfast cereal made from roasted and flattened corn kernels, often served with milk or other toppings.


Derived from 'corn' meaning maize and 'flakes' meaning thin flat pieces.


  1. The bowl of cornflakes was a staple in his diet, providing him with the energy he needed to start his day.
  2. She added sugar and fruit to her cornflakes, making them a sweet and delicious breakfast treat.
  3. The sound of crunching cornflakes echoed through the quiet kitchen as she savored every bite.
  4. The boxes of cornflakes were lined up on the shelves of the grocery store, each promising a satisfying breakfast experience.
  5. He sprinkled some nuts and berries on his cornflakes, adding a touch of crunch and flavor to the bland cereal.
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