Cornucopia (noun)

A symbol of abundance and prosperity, typically depicted as a horn-shaped basket overflowing with fruits, flowers, and other resources.


Derived from the latin word 'cornu copiae', meaning 'horn of plenty'.


  1. The cornucopia was the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving table, reminding the guests of the abundance they had to be thankful for.
  2. The image of the cornucopia is often used in advertising to evoke feelings of abundance and prosperity.
  3. The cornucopia symbolized the bounty of the harvest, and was used in ancient festivals to celebrate the fertility of the land.
  4. The cornucopia was made of gold and adorned with precious gems, symbolizing the wealth and prosperity of the kingdom.
  5. The cornucopia was overflowing with all kinds of fruits, nuts, and other goodies, reflecting the abundance of the season.
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