Coxswain (noun)

The person who steers and commands a racing shell or other small watercraft in competitive rowing.


The word 'coxswain' is derived from the middle dutch word 'kok' meaning 'cook' and 'svin' meaning 'pig', referring to a person who steers a ship. it refers to the person in charge of steering and commanding a racing shell or other small watercraft.


  1. The coxswain is an essential member of the crew, responsible for steering the boat.
  2. The coxswain's voice could be heard giving orders and encouraging the rowers.
  3. The coxswain's precise steering and quick decision-making helped the crew win the race.
  4. The coxswain's experience and leadership skills were vital to the success of the crew.
  5. The coxswain's job requires a unique combination of technical knowledge and interpersonal skills.
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