Creosote (noun)

  1. A dark oily liquid with a strong smell, obtained by distillation of coal tar and used as a wood preservative and disinfectant.
  2. A similar liquid obtained from the distillation of certain resinous woods, especially guaiacum officinale.


Early 19th century: from greek kreas "flesh" + sōtēr "savior" (because of its medicinal properties), on the pattern of compounds such as antiseptic.


  1. Creosote is a widely used wood preservative that protects against rot and insects.
  2. The smell of creosote was overwhelming as they passed by the railway ties.
  3. The creosote was used to treat skin diseases and other medical conditions.
  4. The creosote was applied to the wooden posts to prevent decay.
  5. The chemical composition of creosote includes phenols, cresols, and xylenols.
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