Crofter (noun)

A person who lives and works on a small rented farm in Scotland or northern England.


The term 'crofter' originated in the late 17th century from the scottish word 'croft' which meant a small agricultural holding. it refers to a person who works and lives on a small rented farm in scotland or northern england.


  1. The crofter tended to his crops and livestock on his small rented farm.
  2. Crofters have a strong sense of community and often work together to maintain the land.
  3. The crofter's cottage was small but well-maintained, surrounded by fields and livestock.
  4. In the past, many crofters lived in poverty but modern crofters have access to more resources and support.
  5. Crofters have a unique way of life, steeped in tradition and close to the land.
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