Crookneck (noun)

A variety of summer squash that has a curved or bent neck and a yellow, smooth skin.


The word crookneck is formed from two separate words "crook" which means bent, curved and "neck" which is the part of the body connecting the head to the shoulders. this word is used to describe a particular type of vegetable, which has a curved shape at the end of its stem.


  1. The farmer's market had a variety of crookneck squash for sale.
  2. Crookneck squash is a popular summer vegetable.
  3. The crookneck squash was sliced and added to the stir fry.
  4. The recipe called for grated crookneck squash.
  5. The crookneck variety of squash is known for its yellow, smooth skin and curved shape.
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