Crucifixion (noun)

A method of execution by which the condemned person is tied or nailed to a large wooden cross and left to die.


The word crucifixion comes from the latin word "crucifixio" which is a noun form of "crucifixus" which means "fixed to a cross". it is a combination of the prefix "cruci-" meaning "cross" and the verb "figere" meaning "to fix".


  1. Crucifixion was widely used by the Roman Empire as a form of punishment for criminals and slaves.
  2. The crucifixion of Jesus is a central event in Christianity.
  3. The remains of the crucifixion victims were often left on the cross as a warning to others.
  4. Crucifixion was a slow and painful death, often taking several days.
  5. Many historians believe that crucifixion was abolished by the Roman Empire in the 4th century AD.
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