Crudites (noun)

  1. A dish of raw vegetables, typically cut into small pieces and served with a dip or dressing.
  2. An appetizer or snack consisting of raw vegetables served with a dip or dressing.


From the french 'crudités' meaning rawness or crudeness, from 'crudus' meaning raw or uncooked.


  1. The hostess served a platter of crudites with a variety of dips for the guests to snack on.
  2. The restaurant offered a selection of crudites as an appetizer before the main course.
  3. The health-conscious couple snacked on crudites with hummus instead of chips and dip.
  4. The caterer recommended including a platter of crudites for the party guests to nibble on throughout the evening.
  5. The chef prepared a colorful assortment of crudites for the buffet table.
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