Cruise (verb)

  1. To travel by boat or ship for pleasure, especially on a large liner.
  2. To drive a vehicle at a moderate speed, especially for pleasure.
  3. To travel from place to place, especially in search of something.
  4. To travel around an area in a leisurely manner, especially in a vehicle.
  5. To float or glide smoothly over water.


The word "cruise" originated from the old french word "croiser" meaning "to cross" or "to go back and forth". the term has been in use since the 19th century to describe traveling by boat or ship for pleasure, or to drive a vehicle at a moderate speed for pleasure.


  1. We're planning to cruise the Caribbean next summer.
  2. On Sundays, we like to cruise down the coast in our convertible.
  3. The police were cruising the neighborhood, looking for the suspect.
  4. We cruised around the city in our rental car, taking in the sights.
  5. The kayaks cruised along the river, gliding smoothly over the water.
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