Cryonics (noun)

  1. The study of preserving biological matter, especially the bodies of humans, at low temperatures with the hope of restoring them to a future state of technology.
  2. The practice of freezing a human body with the hope of reviving it in the future.


From greek kryos meaning "icy cold" and onkos meaning "being".


  1. Cryonics is a controversial field of science that has yet to be proven effective.
  2. Some people choose cryonics as a way to potentially cheat death.
  3. Cryonics companies offer a service to cryopreserve deceased individuals with the hope of reviving them in the future.
  4. The concept of cryonics has been popularized in science fiction, but it is still a subject of ongoing scientific research.
  5. Despite its potential benefits, cryonics is not widely accepted by the scientific community.
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