Directory (noun)

  1. A list of names, addresses, and telephone numbers, especially of people in a particular profession or with a particular interest.
  2. A file or series of files stored in a computer's memory, organized in a hierarchical structure.
  3. A book containing an alphabetical list of goods or services and their suppliers.
  4. A group or organization of people with a common purpose.


Late middle english: from old french directoire, from medieval latin directarium, from latin directus (see direct). the original sense was "rule or management", later "book of directions or instructions", later still "list of names and addresses".


  1. I found the address I was looking for in the directory.
  2. The company's software allows for easy navigation through the directory of files.
  3. I referred to the business directory to find a supplier for the product I needed.
  4. The directory of the local charity organization contains information on its members.
  5. The directory of the student organization lists all its members and their contact information.
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