Impasto (noun)

A painting technique in which thick, heavy layers of paint are applied to the canvas, giving a raised and textured effect.


Derived from the italian word "impastare" meaning "to knead, mix".


  1. The impasto technique was used by some Expressionist painters to express intense emotions.
  2. In impasto paintings, the artist applies the paint in thick layers, often using a palette knife.
  3. Impasto allows the artist to create a highly textured surface, with visible brushstrokes and the paint itself appearing to be almost sculptural.
  4. Some artists prefer to use a thin and smooth painting technique, while others favor the bold and textured impasto style.
  5. The impasto technique was a popular choice for Impressionist painters, as it allowed them to capture the effects of light and color in a more vivid and dynamic way.
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