Islamism (noun)

  1. A belief in the political and social application of Islam.
  2. An ideology that seeks to establish a theocratic Islamic state.
  3. A political movement that promotes the integration of Islamic principles in government and society.


Derived from the arabic word "islam" meaning "submission to god".


  1. The rise of islamism in the Middle East has led to increased tensions with western countries.
  2. Many young muslims are drawn to islamism as a way to combat the perceived injustices in their societies.
  3. The government's crackdown on islamism has led to widespread human rights abuses.
  4. Critics argue that islamism is not a monolithic ideology and should not be conflated with the actions of extremist groups.
  5. Some scholars argue that islamism is a response to the failure of secular nationalism movements in the Muslim world.
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