Jamboree (noun)

  1. A large, lively, and often boisterous gathering, especially a musical or dance event.
  2. A large gathering of scouts or other similar organizations for the purpose of entertainment and education.


The word jamboree is believed to have originated in the late 19th century, possibly from the american slang term "jamb" meaning a festive gathering and "jamboree" which means a wild and noisy party or celebration.


  1. The town held a jamboree to celebrate the end of the harvest season.
  2. The jamboree was filled with music, dancing, and food.
  3. The annual scout jamboree is a chance for scouts from around the world to gather and share their experiences.
  4. The music festival was a jamboree of different genres and styles.
  5. The jamboree was a weekend-long event that featured campfires, games, and other activities.
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