Jaywalker (noun)

  1. A person who crosses a road carelessly or illegally, especially by crossing between parked vehicles or in the middle of the road rather than at a crossing.
  2. A person who walks or acts in a way that is careless, careless, or foolish.


Late 19th century: from jay + walker.


  1. The police issued a warning to jaywalkers, reminding them to use crosswalks for their own safety.
  2. The city had to install more crossing lights to prevent jaywalking.
  3. He had a near miss with a car when he was caught jaywalking across the street.
  4. The jaywalker seemed oblivious to the traffic as he strolled down the center of the road.
  5. In many cities, jaywalking is considered a minor offense and can result in a fine.
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