Jelly (noun)

  1. A sweet, translucent preserve made from fruit juice and sugar, set with gelatine.
  2. A similar product made from savory ingredients.
  3. A transparent or translucent substance with a gelatinous consistency, used as a food or for a particular purpose.


From middle english gelée, from old french gelée, from geler ("to freeze, congeal"), from latin gelare ("to freeze"). first recorded in english in the 14th century.


  1. She spread some grape jelly on her toast for breakfast.
  2. The jellyfish in the ocean was mesmerizing with its long, flowing tentacles.
  3. The jelly mold was filled with a mixture of fruit and gelatin.
  4. He added some cinnamon to the apple jelly to give it a spicy flavor.
  5. The jelly was still warm and had a smooth, silky texture.
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