Jerkin (noun)

  1. A short close-fitting jacket, typically made of leather, originally worn by men in the 16th century.
  2. A type of close-fitting men's waistcoat or vest, typically made of leather, often with decorative embroidery.


Middle english (denoting a kind of leather): from old french jerque 'leather jacket', perhaps of germanic origin.


  1. The jerkin was a popular item of clothing in the Renaissance period, often worn by noblemen.
  2. The jerkin was made from soft, supple leather and was considered a symbol of wealth and status.
  3. The jerkin was an essential part of the medieval soldier's uniform, offering protection and warmth.
  4. The jerkin was a versatile garment that could be worn over a shirt, doublet, or even armor.
  5. The jerkin was a popular choice for performers, including actors, acrobats, and jesters.
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