Joiner (noun)

  1. A person who works with wood, especially in the making of furniture.
  2. A tradesperson who specializes in connecting pieces of wood to make furniture, buildings or other structures.


The word 'joiner' comes from the old english 'geongjoinur' meaning a person who works with wood.


  1. The joiner was a skilled craftsman, able to make beautiful furniture from raw pieces of wood.
  2. The joiner was hired to build a custom bookshelf for the library.
  3. The joiner used a variety of tools, including saws, planes, and chisels, to create his works of art.
  4. The joiner's workshop was filled with the sweet scent of sawdust and the sounds of his tools.
  5. The joiner was proud of his work, taking great care to ensure that each piece was strong and beautiful.
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