Joystick (noun)

  1. A device consisting of a lever or a stick that is moved in various directions to control the movement of an object or a machine.
  2. A control lever for a video game, an aircraft, or a crane, used for controlling the direction or the speed of movement.


Derived from the old french word 'jouer' meaning to play, and the word 'stick' meaning a rod or a lever.


  1. The pilot moved the joystick, to steer the aircraft and avoid the turbulence.
  2. The gamer moved the joystick, to direct the character and win the battle.
  3. The crane operator moved the joystick, to lift the load and place it precisely.
  4. The programmer tested the joystick, to ensure that it works correctly with the software.
  5. The mechanic adjusted the joystick, to improve the sensitivity and the accuracy of the control.
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