Jubilee (noun)

  1. A special anniversary of an event, typically one marking 25 or 50 years.
  2. A year of remission of sins and universal pardon proclaimed by the Pope for the Catholic Church, originally every 50 years, now every 25 years.
  3. A time of celebration, especially a joyful celebration of a significant event.


Middle english, from old french jubilé, from late latin jubilaeus, from latin jubilaeum, from jubilaeus joyful, from jubilare to exult, from jubilus exultation.


  1. The company was celebrating its 50th jubilee.
  2. The Queen's diamond jubilee.
  3. The Pope proclaimed a jubilee year of forgiveness.
  4. The city was decorated for the jubilee.
  5. They had a jubilee to celebrate the end of the war.
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