Judge ( verb , noun )

(As a verb)

Judge ( verb )

To form an opinion or conclusion about something or someone after considering it or them.


From middle english juggen, from old french juger, from latin iudicare ("to judge"), from iudex ("judge") + -are ("-ize").


  1. He judged the book by its cover.
  2. She judged the situation unfairly.
  3. He judged the performance harshly.
  4. She judged the candidate positively.
  5. He judged the proposal critically.

(As a noun)

Judge ( noun )

A person who is authorized to hear and decide on legal cases in a court of law.


From middle english jugge, from old french juge, from latin iudex ("judge"), from ius ("law") + -dex ("doer").


  1. He is a judge in the Supreme Court.
  2. She is a judge in the District Court.
  3. He is a judge in the Circuit Court.
  4. She is a judge in the Family Court.
  5. He is a judge in the Juvenile Court.
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