Juggernaut (noun)

  1. A massive, powerful, and overwhelming force or object that crushes or seems likely to crush everything in its path.
  2. A large, heavy vehicle, especially a truck or tractor-trailer.


From the hindi word "jagannath" meaning "lord of the universe" and used to refer to a massive temple-car used to carry the idol of lord jagannath in a religious procession.


  1. The company's new product launch was a juggernaut that quickly dominated the market.
  2. The storm was a juggernaut that destroyed everything in its path.
  3. The juggernaut of the football team was unstoppable on the field.
  4. The juggernaut of the economy was showing no signs of slowing down.
  5. The eighteen wheeler juggernaut barreled down the highway.
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