Jukebox (noun)

  1. A machine that plays music from a selection of recorded songs, typically by inserting coins or bills.
  2. A musical device that provides entertainment and allows customers to play their favorite songs.


Derived from the african-american term 'juke joint' meaning a cheap tavern or a dance hall, and the word 'box' meaning a container.


  1. The teenagers gathered around the jukebox, to listen to the latest hits and dance.
  2. The businessman invested in the jukebox, to attract more customers and increase his revenue.
  3. The collector searched for the vintage jukebox, to add to his collection and showcase it.
  4. The musician performed live in front of the jukebox, to promote his album and interact with the audience.
  5. The designer renovated the old jukebox, to restore its original appearance and functionality.
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