Julep (noun)

A sweet drink typically made with sugar, water, and mint, and sometimes also including bourbon or brandy.


Julep comes from the persian word "gulab" meaning "rosewater" and it is believed that the word was first used in english in the 18th century to refer to a sweet drink made with sugar, water, and mint. it is also known that in the 18th and 19th centuries, julep was also used as a name for a sweet drink made with bourbon or brandy.


  1. He ordered a mint julep, a traditional drink from the southern United States.
  2. She made a julep using fresh mint from her garden, simple syrup and bourbon.
  3. The julep was a popular drink at the Kentucky Derby, where it is traditionally served in a silver cup.
  4. He enjoyed sipping a julep on a hot summer day, the mint and sweetness were refreshing.
  5. She crushed the mint leaves before adding them to the julep, as it helped release the mint's oils and enhance the flavor.
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