Jungle (noun)

  1. A dense forest in a tropical region, typically uninhabited by humans.
  2. A place or situation that is chaotic, confusing, or full of difficulties.


From hindi जंगल (jaṅgal), from sanskrit जंगलम् (jaṃgalam), from prakrit जनगल (janagal), from pali जनकला (janakalā), from proto-indo-aryan *yañcal-.


  1. The jungle was teeming with life, from the vibrant birds to the bustling insects.
  2. The jungle was a dense tangle of vines and undergrowth, difficult to navigate.
  3. The jungle was a formidable barrier, separating the civilization from the wilds.
  4. The jungle was a dangerous place, home to many deadly predators.
  5. The jungle was a wonder of nature, full of mysteries waiting to be discovered.
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