Junkyard (noun)

  1. A place where scrap metal and other waste material is stored and often sold.
  2. An outdoor area used for storing old and worn out vehicles, machinery, and other metal parts.


From the words 'junk' meaning old or discarded material, and 'yard' meaning an enclosed area.


  1. The mechanic visited the junkyard, to find parts for his broken car and save money.
  2. The artist scavenged the junkyard, to find materials for his sculptures and express his creativity.
  3. The environmentalist protested against the junkyard, to raise awareness about the impact of waste on the ecosystem.
  4. The historian researched the junkyard, to study the history of metalworking and its evolution.
  5. The children explored the junkyard, to discover new treasures and play games among the rusting metal.
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