Kaleidoscopic (adjective)

Having a constantly changing pattern of colors and shapes; characterized by a variety of colors and patterns that change in a constantly shifting and often beautiful way.


The word kaleidoscopic comes from the greek word "kalos" meaning beautiful and "eidos" meaning form or shape. it"s formed by combining these two words and it first appeared in the english language in the 19th century. a kaleidoscope is a toy which produces an ever-changing pattern of colors and shapes.


  1. The fireworks display was kaleidoscopic, with a constantly changing pattern of colors and shapes.
  2. The dress had a kaleidoscopic pattern of colors, changing with every movement.
  3. The sky was a kaleidoscope of colors as the sun set behind the mountains.
  4. The dancers' costumes were a kaleidoscope of bright colors, making them stand out on stage.
  5. The music had a kaleidoscopic quality, blending different styles and sounds in a constantly changing pattern.
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