Kameez (noun)

A long, loose tunic worn by men and women in South Asia, typically made of cotton or silk, and often worn with a dupatta (a long scarf) and a salwar (a pair of loose-fitting pants).


Kameez is a word of urdu origin, which is the national language of pakistan and an official language in india. it is a traditional tunic worn by men and women in south asia and central asia.


  1. She wore a beautiful red and gold silk kameez with a matching dupatta.
  2. The kameez was a traditional outfit worn by women in Pakistan.
  3. He wore a white cotton kameez and a pair of salwar to the wedding.
  4. The tailor made her a custom kameez to fit her perfectly.
  5. The kameez was embroidered with intricate designs in silver thread.
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