Kamikaze (noun)

  1. A person who carries out a suicide attack by crashing an aircraft into an enemy target.
  2. A suicide mission or act of self-destruction, especially one carried out for political or military purposes.
  3. An act of recklessly or deliberately risking one's own life.


The word kamikaze comes from the japanese word "神風", which means "divine wind" and was used to describe the special attack units of the japanese navy during world war ii, who carried out suicide attacks by crashing their planes into enemy ships.


  1. He was a kamikaze pilot during WWII.
  2. The terrorist's actions were a kamikaze mission.
  3. The plan was a kamikaze attempt to win the war.
  4. He is a kamikaze driver who drives recklessly.
  5. She is a kamikaze skydiver who jumps without a parachute.
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