Kantian (adjective)

  1. Of or relating to the philosophy of Immanuel Kant, characterized by the belief in the absolute value of the individual, the objective reality of the categories of the understanding, and the necessary limits of knowledge.
  2. Relating to the ethical theory that moral principle are independent of the individual's will and that moral law is a priori.


From the german philosopher immanuel kant (1724-1804).


  1. The professor's lectures were steeped in Kantian thought.
  2. The concept of the "categorical imperative" is a key part of Kantian ethics.
  3. The political philosophy of the founding fathers of the United States was heavily influenced by Kantian ideas.
  4. The book provides a detailed critique of Kantian epistemology.
  5. The artist's work was praised for its Kantian exploration of the limits of human understanding.
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