Kaolin (noun)

A fine white clay mineral, composed mostly of kaolinite, used in ceramics, papermaking, and other industrial applications.


The word kaolin comes from the chinese "gao-ling" which means "high ridge" and it"s a name of a hill in china where the clay was first mined. kaolin is a white clay mineral made of aluminum silicate and it is also known as china clay.


  1. Kaolin is used as a filler and a coating in the paper industry.
  2. The pottery was made from kaolin, which gives it a fine white finish.
  3. The paint was thickened using kaolin, which helps to improve the consistency of the paint.
  4. The cosmetic products contain kaolin, which helps to absorb excess oil from the skin.
  5. Kaolin is a key ingredient in the production of porcelain, which is known for its translucence and strength.
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